Build Your Own Mac OS/Windows XP with the best of both!


Above is a screenshot of my Windows XP computer running like Mac OS X Tiger. It took a little work to get it to finally fit together, but with a little help from WindowBlinds 6 and Flyakite OSX, I now have the GUI (graphic user interface) that I’ve always wanted.

The first time I played with the Mac OS X interface, I thoroughly enjoyed the ease of operation, but I found that the different key strokes and the toolbar were counter-intuitive for me. I’ve been using Microsoft products for so long that I just need certain things to be there.

Back in April 07, I tried Windows Vista. I hated it. It had everything I don’t like about Windows’ GUI and nothing I liked from OS X.

So, I built my own. Flyakite OSX has some amazing updates it does to the look of Windows without zapping too much in the way of resources. And WindowBlinds gave me the look I wanted for the start bar.

(I should warn you not to try this if you have less than 2GB of RAM.)

Some screenshots of the coolness!





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