The Importance of Last Names


One of my all-time favorite actresses is Zooey Deschanel. I think the first time I ever saw her was in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in 2005. She played the female lead, Trillian, and I remember being captivated by her quirkiness.

Later, when I saw Will Farrell’s Elf, my wife and I were blown away by her classic, smooth voice on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

She really is a classic. In fact, her off-beat “sporting goods store” scene in Failure to Launch had me in stitches. If you haven’t seen it, she is about the only redeeming quality in the film – but then again, that is true of most films she is in (including the two aforementioned films).

I also thoroughly enjoyed her small, but vital role in The Bridge to Terabithia and I adored her as Dorothy in the Sci-Fi mini-series Tin Man.

Anyway, the point is not the fact that if I find out Zooey is in a film, I add it to my quere (which I do). My wife does the same thing with Matthew McConaughey (which is how I wound up watching Failure to Launch).

My point is that for the past five years, I have pronounced Zooey’s last name incorrectly. I was just watching a myspace “Artist-on-Artist” interview with Zooey and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. For the first time, I heard her pronounce her name. I was totally wrong.

For the record her last name is pronounced DEE-shanel.

Also, in the way of random trivia, her dad Caleb was the cinematographer on The Passion of the Christ; and her sister Emily plays the title character on the FOX TV show Bones.


5 thoughts on “The Importance of Last Names”

  1. My two favorites? Renee Zellweger and Shia Labeouf. Just about anything they are in, I have to see. They both have weird last names as well…and yes, I Googled the spelling before leaving this comment. 🙂

  2. Oh, and one more thing…YOU DIDN’T LIKE ELF?? What’s wrong with you? That movie is a classic…Christmas doesn’t officially begin in the McCobb house till Elf has been watched.

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