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What I’m Reading – IT

My friend Larry sent me a copy of Craig Groeschel’s most recent book, It. I’m glad he did, because I avoid buying new church books (too much money for too few new ideas). If you don’t know who Groeschel is, he is the pastor of; a sort of video venue/multi-site/semi-denomination church. You can check out the site for more information for how works.

ImageAnyway, the point of Groeschel’s book is essentially that there are no secrets to having a successful church. There is just it. Some churches have it and some don’t.

What is it? Whatever it is, it is the difference between a church that buys into the vision God has given and those who are just floating in the ether of complacency and status quo.

One of the things I like about what I have read thus far is that Groeschel is smart enough not to tell all his readers to build little clones. He is quite adamant that it is not limited to a model or style or denomination or generation.

I am only about a quarter of the way through the book, so I am interested to see how the book will pan out. But thus far, it is quite encouraging. Doing what God wants our churches to do is not about finding the “way” but about connecting with it.

Personally, I think that it is an awareness that God is in what you’re doing. It is not the presence of the Holy Spirit, because he is present in the Church no matter where the church is. No, it’s not just his presence. it is the awareness of his presence, the recognition of his power; and the faith that he can do it – whateve it is.

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