Piper Palin – Cutest Politically Involved Kid EVER!

How can you not love this kid?

When I was candidating for the pastorate at Heritage Baptist (where I currently pastor), one of the ladies joked that she was going to vote for my daughter and if I came along with her, well she could live with it.

I wonder if that’s how Sarah Palin feels when she stands next to Piper?

I’m not a politico; and I don’t stump for one candidate or the other. But I’ve got to say: Sarah Palin’s kids are much cuter than Joe Biden’s.

On a slightly related note, check out – it is Meghan McCain’s blog about accompanying her family and the Palin family on the campaign trail. I only bring it up because it’s pretty cool to see a candidate’s daughter so involved; and it has lots of candids of the families hanging out with staffers and the crowds.

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