Rediscovering A Lost Love

Recently, I renewed a relationship I did not even realize I had missed. I was in the grocery store with my daughter and I passed the pasta aisle. My eyes were drawn to a section decorated in almost forgotten red and white. And there, I was reintroduced to that long lost standard meal of the bachelor – spaghettios.

Before I was married, there were generally two things in my kitchen cabinets – boxes of cereal and cans of spaghettios. Actually, there were four things. I also kept a shaker of Italian seasoning and another of garlic powder. Although my memory of those years is hazy, I think I ate spaghettios at least four or five times a week.

With a little seasoning, spaghettios are a passable meal and not entirely unhealthy. A serving of spaghettios is 180 calories and contains four essential B-vitamins as well as Vitamin A and iron. It’s certainly much healthier than many other things I might eat for lunch. More importantly, a bowl of spaghettios is warm and filling. It is much more filling than my typical turkey and cheese sandwich.

Today, making lunch took a can opener, a bowl and about 3 minutes. It is chilly outside, and the hot spaghettios warmed me right up. I sat down and enjoyed a few pages of a good book and pushed away from the table feeling content and happy. Simple things make me happy.

Did you know that the recipe for spaghettios may date from the 1800’s? Kurt Eberling, a product developer for Franco-American, got the recipe from a family that had emigrated to Brooklyn at the turn of the century.


2 thoughts on “Rediscovering A Lost Love”

  1. I was at Wal-Mart with NaNi, and she requested Spaghettios, so we picked some up.

    I relished explaining to her that I remembered when Spaghettios with Meatballs were introduced.

    Incidentally, Nichelle informs me that, as quick foods go, Spaghettios are not bad in fat content and nutrition, at least for the kids.

  2. I am wondering if you may wish to chime in on a comment thread from my Saturday post. A certain, European/Venezuelan and I do ‘battle’ regularly on the Venezuelan blogs. Kepler is very condescending!
    I am toast from all the time spent in immigration and have another full day ahead of me…

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