My First T-Shirt Design

For a long time, I have thought about marketing my rather strong convictions about certain issues. My preferred media are books and t-shirts – books because I enjoy writing and t-shirts because I like to wear them. Particularly, I like to wear t-shirts that perplex the multitudes. In many ways, my t-shirts are like Jesus’ parables: they confuse most people and make the rest ask me questions.

Probably five years ago now, I purchased a t-shirt with the statement, “Stop following me!” across the front. The subtext was subtle, and I don’t know that anyone except my dad actually caught the irony.

But I digress…

So, let me tell you the origin of my first t-shirt creation. I am currently reading No More Christian Nice Guy by Paul Coughlin. For the most part, the book is extremely repetitive and not a little angry. While I appreciate the reason for being angered (namely that Mr. Coughlin is a bit PO’d that the majority of Christian men have been sissified, which they have), the repetition is nigh on unbearable.

But one sentiment in the book caught my imagination. Mr. Coughlin equated the modern Christian man to the poodle. You might say, WHAT?
Men are nothing like poodles. Now, standing outside of Abercrombie and Fitch, I might disagree since I see some guys who spend more time primping and setting their hair than they do looking for a decent job.

But I digress…

Why a poodle? Poodles are hunting dogs. They existed for hundreds of years as masculine, hairy and somewhat tenacious animals. Boy, a poodle who was companion to Prince Rupert of the Rhine died in combat at the Battle of Marston Moore (1644). Another poodle, Rufus, accompanied Winston Churchill on his many journeys (not a bulldog as legend supposes). Finally, John Steinbeck traveled with a wonderful poodle companion named Charley; and if ever there was a sign that the poodle is a masculine dog, that is it.

But once the French circus got a hold of them, they trimmed and poofed them until they became the annoying partially shaven puff-balls we know today. Now, poodles are associated with effeminate behavior, with proper society, with everything that is the opposite of masculinity.

Which brings me to Christian men. Because we have bought into this sissified version of Jesus (don’t ever raise your voice, always seek to avoid conflict, etc), we have been warped into something that is against our nature. We have been poodle-ized; and I for one am sick and tired of it.

So, without further ado, my first t-shirt design…

If you want one, drop an email (see the sidebar) and we’ll work something out.


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