Oh Man, This Was a Good Song Too…

This video of this pretty interesting worship song called “Healer” has circulated around the internet and it has risen to #2 on the Worship Music charts (I didn’t even know such things exist).

Notice that the singer is wearing an oxygen tube?  He claims to have been diagnosed with terminal cancer; and his entire family and church believed that he was dying.

And now the twist.  The songwriter, Michael Gugliemucci, appears to have lied about the whole thing.  While he says that he has most definitely been ill, including constant vomiting, losing his hair and other cancer-like symptoms, Gugliemucci has admitted it was all false.

Now comes the question – do we still sing the song?  It’s a good song; it doesn’t say anything that is necessarily incorrect about God – but it was built on a lie…


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