Let’s Help Out!

Hey everybody [that’s right, BOTH of you!], one of my fellow pastors in our region is raising funds to help a young African named Toivo pursue his education in Namibia.

Darin (the aforementioned fellow pastor) is the way cool pastor of Christ’s Church in Amherst, NH. His church has a very active ministry partnership with a Christian organization in Namibia.

Those of you who read my blog back in the myspace days, know that I am a sucker for Africa.  I can’t help myself.  I just love people who have a heart for Africa, so Darin and I hit it off and I followed closely (and not a little enviously) the progress of their most recent trip to Namibia.

So, here’s the deal.  Toivo needs $7,500 to pay for this school year.  We can make it happen by doing two things:

  • I think that we should all head over to Darin’s blog, click the little button in the top left that says Give – Toivo’s Future and make a donation ourselves.
  • Post a link to Darin’s blog anywhere you can and encourage any online friends you have to make a donation and pass the word along.

$7,500 sounds like a lot of money to us, doesn’t it?  Now imagine what it sounds like to people in a country where 55.8% of the population lives on $2 per day or less!  They live on what we waste on coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts.

It will take 300 people giving $25 per person to pay Toivo’s tuition this year.  Take $2 and set it aside, and you will have the $25 in thirteen days (with a dollar to spare).


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