Dark Knight, pt 3: IMAX

Last night (and into early this morning, I went to see “Dark Knight” again, this time with my friend Larry from Focus In.  We caught the 10:10 show at our local digital cinema.  I must say that it was even better in digital, I think because you catch the really subtle nuances of Ledger’s performance.

But the thing that shocked me was the conversation I overheard between the cashier and a rather disappointed theater goer.

GUY: Yeah, I’d like two tickets for the 9:40 IMAX showing?

CASHIER: I’m sorry, it’s sold out.

GUY: Really?  Can I get tickets for tomorrow?

CASHIER: We’re advance selling them until Thursday.

GUY: Oh, so I can pick them up tomorrow?

CASHIER: You can, but if you actually want to get in, you should probably buy them as far in advance as you can.

GUY: Really?  Why?

CASHIER: Because every show has sold out a few hours before it started.

GUY: [skeptical]

CASHIER: [nodding convincingly] Yeah – every show.

The film is packing in the IMAX crowd, which means people are voluntarily laying down $13 to “experience” it – probably more than once.  I might consider it if the IMAX was digital projection, but I am assured that our local IMAX still uses analog projection.

All the same, the movie is breaking all kinds of records on all kinds of screens.  Fandango reportedly sold out of tickets at a rate of 15 tickets per second during the weekend!

The important question for me is that will the $158 million opening weekend translate into numbers that will rival or exceed the ridiculously inflated box office numbers from that waste of celluloid, “Titanic”? (BTW, you cannot even imagine how much I loathe and despise “Titanic”).  Unfortunately I don’t think it will beat “Titanic” but it is the first film with a real shot in a long time.


1 thought on “Dark Knight, pt 3: IMAX”

  1. Well, I can imagine how much you loath Titanic. What a crappy film! I’ll bet I could out-rant you on it.

    The only good part was the ship sinking, and that was all on the Discovery Channel.

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