What my wife is saying…

My wife posted the following on her myspace blog.


Current mood: disappointed
Category: Romance and Relationships

I guess I’m just a little frustrated with people who say they’re all into God and Jesus… yet, their priorities are all messed up and in reality they want nothing to do with Him and really don’t seek Him with all their heart…

Many just want “spiritual highs” and “fixes” rather than have a consistent, faithful, and steady faith… and then on the other hand you have these people who are just FRUITCAKES when it comes to Christianity and they totally scare others away… others who are sincere and wanting to know and seek the truth….

Many are just infatuated with Jesus… and they’re content being that way…

Why are we afraid to get close to Him? Why are we afraid of committment?

My mind is racing… there’s too much to write… I just… I don’t want my love for God to be an infatuation… I want it to be real… genuine… and I want to show that love to others, no matter who they are…


I have to confess that I share her frustrations. People often talk about a “love affair” with Jesus. I have to be honest; I’m not interested in people who are just “in love” with Jesus. I want a church composed of people who are hardcore, no-holds-barred committed to Jesus. I’m talking “forsaking all others” committed to Jesus. Many Christians who would never cheat on their wives cheat on their Lord every day.


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