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Inspired by one of the other members of the blogosphere – Pastor Darin of Interactive Sermons and Christ Church in Amherst – I’ve decided to post a list of some of the blogs that I read.

Vintage Faith
This is one of my favorite blogs. It is not updated very regularly because the author is Dan Kimball, the pastor of Vintage Faith in Santa Cruz, California. Dan is quite a busy guy, but his blog really reflects on some great content. It is worth reading, especially if you have checked out his book They Like Jesus but not the Church.

Interactive Sermon
I’ve already mentioned Pastor Darin over at Christ Church, but his blog is always interesting. He posts all kinds of interesting things including his message themes and even audio posts from his cell phone.

My Photo

Tom in the Box News Network

Tominthebox News Network - Religious Humor/Satire

This site features Christian satire. It is authored by a team of missionaries and former missionaries. One of them, “Elder Eric” authors another of my favorite blogs – Hammer and Nail.

The Jungle Hut
When it comes to missionary moms, Rita Vernoy takes the cake. Beside her oldest daughter Jackie – who has her own blog over at My Happy Home – Rita managed a home in the jungles of Venezuela for many years. She and her husband, Clint, had to come back to the States and are probably going to Paraguay to work with Jackie and her husband, Brian.


3 thoughts on “Online Reading”

  1. They’re “probably’ coming to Paraguay???? YIKES! I had my heart set on it! 🙂 It’s a definite by the way…they arrive sometime first week of August. Thanks for posting my link, and thanks for having such interesting reads all the time.

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