Above is the only know picture of the infamous revolutionary Che GuavERIK. He is known to disrupt the status quo with statements of the obvious and sarcastic responses.

If you encounter him, do not attempt to confront him. He is considered a literalist and is very dangerous to those who practice squirmeneutics in their interpretations of Scripture. He is known to read Greek and study the historical-grammatical context of Scriptural passages before advocating possible interpretations.


This post follows on the heels of a comment I added to the myspace blog to clarify some things. This is the text of the entry:

Recently, it has come to my attention that some of last year’s content has been drawing a little criticism from some other corners.

Let me be clear to everyone about what was going on. Since July 2007, this blog has only been updated with content from pastorerik.wordpress.com. Prior to that time, some of the posts on his blog were somewhat offensive in their attitude and content.

I thought I had made this pretty clear before, but I just want to reiterate.

I stand by the spirit of what has been said on this blog. My criticisms of the religious institution and the shallowness of much of Christianity still ring true, but at the time I was facing a series of events which had really brought me down. I was unaware of this depressed state, althought my wife observed it quite readily.

Over the summer, we overcame the challenges and difficulties of ministry and life that were contributing to my frustrations and (to be honest) anger.

So, I apologize again for any kind of offensive language or hyperbole that this blog contained in the past. And if someone brings accusations against the author based on those things, please let them know of what I have said here.

What I do NOT apologize for is my stark crticism of the joke that often passes for Christianity and the church. These people who claim Jesus’ authority and then act in silly, self-centered and untrue manners or teach doctrines which deprive people of their freedom of expression and honest love for one another still annoy me because the God I serve is bigger than that.

For further updates, check out my current blog:pastorerik.wordpress.com.


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