It Snows in New Hampshire

Some of you may not be aware of this little known fact, but it snows in New Hampshire. Technically, we are still in autumn but someone forgets to tell the weather every year. This year has been particularly impressive thus far. Last week, we had two storms and this morning we awoke to another five or six inches and it is still coming down.

Undaunted, we ventured out to shovel ourselves out. Having already broken two shovels this year, the relatively light snow was welcomed this morning. Nichole and I shoveled and Ariel did her best to return the snow to whatever area of the driveway we had managed to clear.

To illustrate how much snow we have, I’ve included a picture of Ariel sitting on a ledge I carved into the snow bank on the edge of our driveway. It stands taller than me, has totally swallowed the snow bunny we built in the storm a couple of weeks ago and is encroaching on our mailbox. Just so you know, Ariel is sitting roughly three feet off the ground in this picture and there is a wall of snow about four feet deep behind her before you get to the sidewalk. That’s a lot of snow.

(We clear it the good old fashioned way, and if nothing else, I am getting my cardio workouts!)

Unfortunately, none of this snow packs very well, so I have not done any new snow sculptures, but we have plans for a snow kitty and possibly a family of mice if we have enough snow. We’ll keep you posted.

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